kp FlexiSkin®

High barrier vacuum skin lidding film

Our range of high barrier, vacuum skin lidding films deliver extended shelf life with enhanced visual appeal and preservation of quality and taste for protein. kp FlexiSkin® offers improved pack processing and is the perfect combination with a tray for food protection and consumer appeal.

Our multi-layer vacuum skin lidding films have been meticulously engineered to contain the least amount of material, while continuing to extend shelf life and preserve the quality and taste of food.

Packer/Processor Benefits

  • Sealing excellence with vacuum skin packaging
  • High speed application
  • Market leading low gauge
  • Prevented delamination formula
  • Longer rolls for extra efficiency

Retailer Benefits

  • Crystal clear transparency and gloss
  • High barrier multi layer guarantees food preservation
  • Secure and leak proof
  • Improved food quality and taste

Sustainability Benefits

  • Optimised material reduction and overall pack weight
  • Lower gauge reduces number of rolls required and transported
  • Preserves food and extends shelf life
  • Keeps food fresh and reduces food waste


Puncture resistant

Designed to retain strength in the sealing process at high speed, and withstand the rigors of the packaging and distribution supply chain.

Exceptional clarity

Our films have crystal clear transparency for optimal product presentation.

Maximum food protection and safety

Secure and leak proof with a best-in-class hermetical seal, even through contamination.

Lock and peel

Available in lock and peelable lidding options for trays or rigid films for form, fill and seal applications which provides secure sealing and reduced leakages.

Extends shelf life

Our vacuum skin lidding films extend shelf life, while retaining food quality and taste, and ultimately reducing food waste by giving the consumer longer use by dates.



Pair with kp Evolve® trays for the best combination of high performance packaging from top to bottom for vacuum skin packaging (VSP).

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