Shrink Sleeve Plastic Label Films

Packaging that leaps off the shelf begins with eye-catching labels. No matter the brand, Pentalabel® films maximise shelf visibility, protect containers and contents, and create a vibrant billboard so your products get noticed and purchased time after time.
Shrink sleeve films

Pentalabel® Shrink Sleeve Films

Maximum billboard for contoured containers
Shrink sleeve labels help your products stand out, increasing shelf impact and consumer awareness. Pentalabel® films maximise shelf visibility so that your products get noticed.

Pentalabel® eklipse® Shrink Sleeve Films

Light-blocking films protect nutrients
With a light transmission rate of less than 1%, eklipse® shrink sleeve film protects light-sensitive ingredients in dairy, juice, fortified beverages, isotonics, and other products. Its light-barrier design may lower total package costs by replacing HDPE multi-wall primary containers or difficult to recycle multi-barrier primary containers.

Pentalabel® SmartCycle®

Pentalabel® SmartCycle® is the next generation of shrink-sleeve film that makes recycling as easy as finding a recycling bin. Shrink sleeves made with Pentalabel® SmartCycle® film recycles directly with any PET bottle or container. No longer do you need to remove the label. Recycling labels right with the container or bottle increases the amount of post-consumer recycled material available which reduces the burden on new raw materials and enhances the circular economy.

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