Plastic leakage into the environment is a worldwide issue. Plastics are a circular resource that should be valued. In 2023, we used 300 tonnes of recycled PET waste collected within 10 km from the coastline in our rigid food packaging films. That’s the equivalent of 10 million one litre PET bottles!
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Closing the loop through collective action

Closing the loop at scale demands a high degree of collective action and innovation.
kp has partnered with Keep Sea Blue, an independent NGO. Keep Sea Blue is committed to a plastic-free Mediterranean Sea and has created a closely monitored network across the Greek islands to collect, sort and process plastics.
Plastic waste is collected from within 10 km of the coastline and is sorted and processed back into recycled material. Comprehensive details such as date, location and amount of plastic are registered on a blockchain traceability platform for monitoring and auditing purposes. After collection, the plastic is sorted and recycled in ISO and RecyClass certified facilities before being reused by kp to create new packaging for fresh food.

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We’ve been manufacturing high-quality products from post-consumer recycled PET for over 20 years, consistently meeting our customer expectations and all relevant food safety standards.

kp Recycled Coastal Plastics® rigid films are manufactured in our sites in Girona and Pravia (Spain) and Crumlin (UK) and supplied to Germany, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and the UK.

In 2023, we used 300 tonnes of ocean bound recycled plastics in our Recycled Coastal Plastics® rigid food packaging. We are working closely with Keep Sea Blue to further increase this amount.

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Keeping food fresher and safer – for longer

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Together we are making a tangible impact by reducing plastic leakage.

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kp Tray2Tray® technology

750k tonnes of tray PET is wasted each year! Our kp Tray2Tray® technology creates a closed loop for food trays.
We work with our partners to recover used food trays and turn them into new food packaging trays. kp Tray2Tray® on its own has the potential to bring more than 50k tonnes of recycled PET back into the game.