Mono rigid films

Mono films are made using a single polymer, making them less complex for our domestic recycling infrastructures to process and easier for consumers to recycle. Each film will be produced as a roll and delivered to you in accordance with your packaging and machinery requirements.

Mono Rigid Films

kp MonoSeal®

Premium Base Rigid Film
Introducing our top of the range, sustainable PET base rigid film for form, fill and seal applications. kp MonoSeal® is a mono PET film that is fully recyclable, with the strongest sealing capability in the market and is 7% lighter than multi-layer films. Perfect for fresh food applications, from protein and cheese to pasta.

Packer/Processor Benefits

  • Lower sealing temperatures
  • Faster sealing times
  • Longer rolls, less change over
  • 7% lighter than PET/PE films
  • Best in class hermetical seal, even through contamination

Retailer Benefits

  • Excellent transparency and gloss finish
  • Made with post-consumer recycled PET
  • Light weight packaging
  • Lock seal and peelable options available
  • Extended shelf life

Sustainability Benefits

  • Fully recyclable*
  • Mono PET material
  • Downgauged 10% and longer rolls, requiring less energy input
  • Reduction in sealing temperatures
  • Lower carbon footprint

Technical Information

kp MonoSeal® Rigid Base Film
  • Downgauging of 10% eliminating PE and multilayers resulting in a 7% overall weight reduction
  • Weight reduction equals less carbon emissions
  • Up to 30°C lower sealing temperatures and shorter sealing time versus mono PET
  • Wide sealing window between 130° and 160°
  • Works with all standard form, fill and seal equipment with no equipment change over or retrofit costs

Our kp MonoSeal® rigid film packaging solution are perfect for the following areas:

Key features


sealing strength

Fast to implement

Lower sealing

Maximum food protection and safety

Faster sealing

Premium product

Made with post-consumer
recycled PET 

Added Value

Widely recyclable

Widely recyclable

Maximum food protection
and safety


kp SmartCycle®

Sustainable Rigid Film
kp SmartCycle® is our core range of sustainable rigid films for form, fill and seal applications, which we can customise to contain 35% to 100% post-consumer recycled PET. Perfect for hitting sustainability goals and matching eco-tax requirements by global region. Not only is our range perfect for fresh food and keeping it safe, it’s crystal clear and is easily recycled working towards closing the loop on food packaging.

Packer/Processor Benefits

  • High performance PET film
  • Contains post-consumer recyclate
  • Easy drop in solution
  • Bespoke specification to meet your requirements
  • Meets eco-tax requirements

Retailer Benefits

  • Excellent transparency and gloss finish
  • Made with post-consumer recycled PET
  • EVOH/PE layer available for extended shelf life
  • Meets sustainability requirements

Sustainability Benefits

  • Fully recyclable*
  • Mono PET material
  • Contains 35% to 100% post-consumer rPET
  • Certified and traceable recyclate
  • Lower carbon footprint versus virgin materials

Technical Information

  • Contains a minimum of 35% to 100% post-consumer recycled PET trays and bottles, from a sustainable source certified by EuCertPlast.
  • An easy drop in solution for thermoforming and form, fill and seal fresh food applications.
  • Same performance, strength and durability as standard PET.
  • Reduce your regional eco-tax exposure and optimise the total cost of your packaging by customising the amount of rPET in your film.
  • Meets all FDA and EU food contact regulations.
  • Mono PET film can be laminated with a PE or EVOH/PE layer to improve sealability or increase shelf life.

*Easily sorted and recycled where the right infrastructure is in place
Can be made with
Tray2Tray Logo
The kp Tray2Tray® programme is an initiative to recover used food packaging and turn it back into more of the same. 
kp is working with the entire value chain to generate and drive continued demand and ensure a constant supply of post-consumer recycled plastics.

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Pentafood BPET

Our BPET rigid film is a blended formulation which is perfect for bespoke colours and offers the same great properties as our standard PET films, with enhanced production efficiency, outstanding thermoforming, better cutting, lower sealing temperatures for energy and resource savings, and no brittleness. This is available in a range of opaque or solid colours and runs on standard thermoforming and form, fill and seal machines. BPET rigid film is less dense than standard PET films and is suitable for fresh and frozen food applications.


Frozen or chilled, bakery, butter and margarines, pizza, meat, fish and poultry


Enhanced de-nesting properties when thermoformed, good sealability, improved temperature resistance, only available in a range of opaque colours. 


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