Food packaging at kp is where innovation and sustainable design come together.

We operate on the principle of ‘Packaging with integrity’. This ensures we’re not only providing the most expansive range of quality thermoformed trays and rigid films for form, fill and seal applications, as well as flexible barrier films and stretch films, but also leaving a positive impact on the world around us.
Whether you’re looking to reduce food waste through shelf life-extending premium packaging or find recyclable packaging that aligns with your business-wide environmental goals, discover why kp is the go-to name in high-performance food packaging solutions.

With 20 dedicated manufacturing facilities across 14 countries, our team has the logistics and expertise to impress across major fresh food categories, including meat and protein, food-to-go, dairy, bakery, fresh produce and beyond.

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kp Infinity – the new food-to-go range

food to go trays

kp Infinity – the new food-to-go range

Find out about our new food service and catering range, which is recyclable, keeps food hotter for longer, is cooler to the touch and is microwaveable!

kp Infinity