3D Decorative films

With our 3D furniture film, kp gives designers the colours, designs, glosses and surfaces they need to shape MDF into an endless array of innovative products.


  • Cabinet doors, 3D film covers front surface & edges in one production step
  • Flat geometry (slab door)
  • Deep routed geometry (shaker door)
  • Curved elements/fronts


  • More than 60 standard, opaque, patterned and custom colours with a wide variety of embossed surfaces in stock
  • Numerous metallic and abstract designs
  • A large selection of embossed surfaces
  • Smooth, matte and pearl finishes
  • Special wood grain, abstract and brushed embossed surfaces


  • Vinyl
  • PET

We have created five new colors for 2022 that further increase the color spectrum.

decorative films colors

Pentadecor® Sendura™

Pentadecor® Sendura films empower customers aspirations with its silky-smooth matt finishes in a variety of stylish colours. The films provide value with a strong surface which does not show fingerprints and has good resistance to scratches and chemicals for a long-lasting "like new" appearance. Pentadecor® Sendura films can be used for a wide range of applications including doors and furniture.


  • Cabinet doors
  • 5-piece doors
  • Curved/ flat elements
  • Wrapping


  • Silky-smooth
  • No fingerprints
  • Scratch resistant
  • Super matt finish

Also available for 2D films