Sustainable label films

Our SmartCycle® family of label films are completely recyclable in the RIC 1, PET stream. And, our new SmartCycle® Pro films also contain post-consumer recycled content!
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Pentalabel® SmartCycle®

Pentalabel® SmartCycle® is the next generation of shrink-sleeve film that makes recycling as easy as finding a recycling bin. Shrink sleeves made with Pentalabel® SmartCycle® film recycles directly with any PET bottle or container. No longer do you need to remove the label. Recycling labels right with the container or bottle increases the amount of post-consumer recycled material available which reduces the burden on new raw materials and enhances the circular economy.


  • Bottles
  • Containers


  • Increased recycling productivity
  • Promotes greater recycling opportunities
  • High shrink rate properties
  • 360° decorating/branding opportunity
  • Exceptional clarity
  • Exceptional printability
  • Contributes to a Circular Economy

Pentalabel® SmartCycle® Pro

SmartCycle® Pro is the next evolution of our SmartCycle® label films, which are RIC 1 recyclable. SmartCycle® Pro has the added benefit of containing certified, 30% post-consumer, mechanically recycled content. Now a label film can truly close the loop and support a circular economy by utilizing PCR content in its own make up.


  • Water bottles
  • Sports drink bottles
  • Beer cans
  • Food packaging


  • Increased recycling productivity
  • Supports a circular economy with 30% PCR content
  • High shrink properties
  • Lower carbon footprint*
  • Exceptional clarity

* based on internal calculations