Sustainability in Food Packaging

As a manufacturer of plastic packaging, kp is an essential part of the food supply chain, enabling the distribution of food; keeping it secure, safe, fresher for longer, and preventing food waste. We have always known the value of plastics and continue to develop sustainable plastic packaging that is recyclable and made from recycled materials. Thanks to the unique features and benefits of plastic we can help deliver food from farm to fork in the most efficient manner, while protecting the environment.

kp Tray2Tray®

In the loop

Our goal is to revolutionise the recycling of
food packaging, committing to a closed loop.

By the end of 2025, at least 30% of recycled material in our packaging

will include ‘Tray2Tray®’ material..


Lower carbon footprint 

Made from up to 100% recycled PET

Maximum food protection and safety


Fully circular

Fully recyclable

Keeping everyone
in the loop

Currently, only about 14% of plastic packaging produced is collected for recycling which is why we’re working towards our vision of a circular economy. This vision sees more of our packaging being recovered and turned back into new protective packaging. We are leading the way in revolutionising the recycling process for food trays and have committed to achieving a totally closed-loop system.

Keeping everyone
in the loop

Recycled PET

Our roadmap to success

Developing a market for recycled PET tray flake isn’t something that can be achieved by kp alone. That’s why we’re working with our entire value chain to generate and drive continued demand for this material. We are also strengthening our partnerships with recycling companies, suppliers and customers to ensure a constant supply of post-consumer recycled plastics. Upstream, we're working with the recycling industry to ‘pull’ more plastic PET trays back to us. Downstream, we are collaborating with customers to ‘push’ demand for trays made from rPET tray flake.


kp Kapture

RECOUP assisted kp with successful trials to independently demonstrate the detectability of kp Kapture® coloured trays using existing sorting technology in UK facilities. This ensures the items in the kp Kapture® brand range can sorted effectively and prepared for onward recycling.

Stuart Foster

Recycling Process



Fast to implement

Fast to implement

Maximum food protection and safety

Maximum food protection and safety

Premium product

Premium product

Added Value

Added value

Widely recyclable

Widely recyclable


kp Zapora

Liquid retention technology for trays

Our new innovative padless tray technology is cleverly designed to remove the need for absorbent pads for fresh cuts of protein. The features in the base of the tray capture and retain liquid and it’s sustainable because it’s easy to rinse and recycle without any mess.

Innovative design

Our world class, in-house facilities combined with our team of packaging and sustainability experts have developed this meticulously engineered design to maximise liquid retention as our next generation sustainable tray.

Product development

We’ve resolved the need for an additional absorbent pad which consumers typically don’t like to touch and hinders recycling. Our new design is built into the tray base, which is non-touch and easy to rinse which works towards improving recycling at home.

Outperforms the competition

Based on competitive benchmarking our Zapora® technology combines the highest liquid retention with superior pack strength.

Combine with other technologies

For the highest specification in recyclable protein trays, you can combine our Zapora® technology with our other market leading technologies.

Low Carbon footprint_v2
Sustainable solution

Just rinse, recycle and repeat! An easy simple step for the consumer to drive at-home recycling and help contribute to closing the loop on plastic packaging.

Include kp Tray2Tray

The kp Tray2Tray® initiative recovers used food packaging and turns it back into more of the same. kp is working with the entire value chain to generate and drive continued demand and ensure a constant supply of post-consumer recycled plastics for trays.

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Protecting food and our planet

We create recycled food packaging with certified material collected by the Keep Sea Blue organisation, cleaning up coastlines. 

These sustainably sourced ocean bound plastics by Keep Sea Blue are collected within 50km of the ocean. Sourced directly from European coastlines, with a special auditing block-chain process and then we produce packaging in Europe. Keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible – and our standards as high as ever.
We’ll use these recycled ocean plastics to create fresh food packaging in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Turkey.
Recycled Ocean Plastic

Key features from kp

Key Beneftis for the customer

Key benefits for the customer

To find out more about our Recycled Ocean Plastics range you can visit our dedicated website:

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics

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