kp Infinity® Trays

Protein packaging with a future
Welcome to a revolutionary innovation in sustainable fresh protein packaging with kp Infinity® - the fully recyclable choice with a low carbon footprint.
kp Infinity® is taking expanded polypropylene (EPP) into the future.

Packer/Retailer Benefits

  • Fully recyclable
  • Versatile, stackable, lightweight and durable
  • Traditional, artisan look and feel
  • Resistant to fats and oils
  • No machinery or tooling investment required

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy-to-read ‘Recycle me’ message
  • Rinse and recycle
  • Water and resistant
  • Durable
  • Ensures food hygiene and safety

Sustainability Benefits

  • Fully recyclable mono material
  • Lightweight
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Uses less water and energy to manufacture compared with alternatives


Fully recyclable  

Tested across all recycling stages, kp Infinity® has been independently confirmed as a widely recyclable choice. This high-quality plastic packaging is easily and commercially recycled across the recycling process into a range of items, including other packaging, furniture and flooring.

Benefits across its life cycle

Independent studies have confirmed kp Infinity® as THE sustainable solution, far outperforming alternative materials and offering significantly reduced energy and water impact with a much lower carbon footprint.

Water resistant

With superb natural moisture resistance and waterproof attributes, kp Infinity® is the perfect safe and hygienic choice for packaging protection of fresh protein. There are no extra coatings or additives required to keep the package stable and robust and to maintain food quality.


Lightweight and durable  

Lightweight compared to alternative materials while maintaining durability with the added benefit of a lower carbon footprint.

Fat and oil resistant

kp Infinity® offers best in class for resistance to fats and oils found in proteins. This quality helps food stay hygienic and also cuts down the risk of leakage and odour transfer.