Box films

For over half a century, we have been committed to high-quality box films. Our broad portfolio includes solutions for numerous applications and a variety of diversified needs. With the right product portfolio, technical expertise and global reach we help you reach your goals, no matter if they are about sustainability, brand building or faster lead times. Let's start our packaging journey together!


  • Folding boxes
  • Round boxes and lids
  • Window boxes
  • Ideal for gift boxes, decorative accessories, various household and cosmetic applications


  • PVC/Vinyl
  • PET
  • PETG
  • GAG
  • Full range of recycled films (PCR* & PIR**)

*PCR = Post-Consumer Recycled Content
*PIR = Post-Industrial Recycled Content


Pentaclear® PET Box Films

Our sustainable/recycled packaging solutions make your products stand out and help you take the next step towards sustainability!

With our durable PET films we offer a broad portfolio, containing a full range of recycled materials, to support your sustainability goals and contribute to the circular economy.


  • Available in APET, PETG and GAG virgin
  • PCR* & PIR** options (30-85%) to reduce first-use raw materials
  • Special grade with improved mechanical performance
  • APET films are recyclable
  • Exceptional clarity and brilliant surface appearance
  • Very good cutting and punching behaviour
  • Excellent printability
  • Transparent and white color

*PCR = Post-Consumer Recycled Content
**PIR = Post-Industrial Recycled Content

Sustainability is about more than just protecting the environment. That is why we are “Investing in better” and truly follow our vision to develop products using more recycled material, closing the packaging loop and taking every opportunity to make our packaging recyclable. With that we help our customers reach their sustainable packaging goals, improve lives, communities and health while protecting the planet.

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Pentaclear® PVC Box Films

Our clear, brilliant packaging solutions made of virgin and recycled PVC help enhancing your products visibility!


  • Virgin grades available
  • PIR* grades available (30% & 70%) to reduce first-use materials
  • 100% recylable
  • Exceptional clarity and brilliant surface appearance
  • Superior cutting and punching behavior
  • Very good printability
  • Available in transparent color

*PIR = Post-Industrial Recycled Content