Box Films

Consumers prefer products they can see. Pentaclear® films are perfect for box lids, folding boxes/cartons, gift packaging, transparent windows, transparent packaging and many other carton types.


Brilliantly clear solutions for brand packaging

Pentaclear® films offer clarity, printability, and scratch-resistance for clear packaging.


  • Prestige cosmetic, fragrance, and personal care gift sets
  • Clear folding boxes/cartons
  • Transparent windows
  • Transparent packaging
  • Round boxes
  • Blisters in folding cartons


  • Brilliantly clear and exceptionally glossy
  • Consumers can see the product inside and the boxes are easy to open & use
  • Print beautifully
  • High impact strength and low crease-whitening properties
  • Formulated to have greater slip so they process well with fewer rejects
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment to the strictest current GMP standards


  • Vinyl
  • PETG
  • APET