Card overlay films

kp offers a wide range of card film overlay products for various applications like credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, gift cards, security cards and identification cards.
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Pentacard® Rigid PVC Films

Durable protection for your cards

Pentacard® overlay films ensure high clarity and superior graphic visibility for your graphics.


  • Bank and debit cards
  • Identification cards
  • Membership/loyalty
  • Smart/chip cards
  • Contactless/RFID cards
  • Gift cards


  • Conventional and UV inks adhere beautifully to our films
  • Colour consistency before and after lamination, along with high clarity and superior graphic visibility
  • Tightly controlled production parameters
  • Exceed ISO standards for bond strength under proper processing conditions
  • Designed to help minimize laking (air entrapment) during lamination


  • Vinyl
  • PETG