Risk management systems

Corporate risk management

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) is committed to customer satisfaction, which we achieve by maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, sustainability, environmental and energy management, and quality and product safety. All our products are designed, purchased, manufactured and distributed in compliance with the highest standards.

To ensure we continue to achieve our commitments, we have a Risk Management System (RMS) tool that drives these high standards across all our manufacturing plants. The tool was established and implemented to help us comprehensively manage risks throughout all of our operations by giving information and direction to local managers.

The RMS applies to the support functions, including; design, purchasing, manufacture, distribution and procurement. In addition, at an enterprise-level, we conduct regular, strategic reviews of our enterprise risks, as well as training our workforce on all levels to foster a risk culture. This applies to all levels of the organization, including our executive leadership team.

Focus areas

Health and safety

7kp is committed to protecting the health and safety of every employee. Safety is kp’s most important value and is a responsibility of every kp employee. We heavily invest resources in safety, consistently monitoring performance and identifying potential improvements. Training and equipment are continually reinforced to eliminate work-related injuries. We have achieved significant improvements in our safety performance but will always continue to develop a world-class safety process to achieve our goal of zero injuries. All 31 kp manufacturing plants are audited against our RMS, which has been developed in line with industry best practices.

Quality and product safety

7Whether our customers are in the field of pharmaceuticals, food and consumables packaging, labels or specialties, they expect professional business partners who are committed to top-tier quality and product safety. Throughout the world, kp’s manufacturing plants meet internationally recognised standards, which facilitate cross-site and cross-border analysis and the evaluation of production processes. This empowers our customers to put their trust in our comparable systems, ensuring uniform processes and products, unlimited capacity and exceptional reliability in production and supplies. Our clearly regulated system also means that kp can harness capacity across plants more effectively and respond with flexibility to our customers' orders to a consistent standard throughout the world.

Audits and awards

Transparency is key for our customers, and is a request that kp fully respects. We therefore offer our customers opportunities to see how their product is made; which quality standards are being met; the materials we use in production; how the company complies with hygiene regulations; and how kp complies with its own Code of Conduct. Customers can also check, evaluate, select and discuss their individual requirements with our experts.

kp proudly meets official standards and receives certification, but we also apply our own standards, which we use to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We demonstrate this with numerous awards and honours that our manufacturing plants regularly receive.