Specialty rigid films

kp’s specialty rigid films are engineered specifically for novel applications and drug deliveries to meet the ever-evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry.



With kpVantage® you can change to polyester without changing a thing. Our polyester-based films are a high-performance alternative to vinyl that can be processed on standard equipment and tooling. Available as mono films or integrated into barrier structures, kpVantage® films are engineered to maintain product integrity and packaging line performance.


Designed as a high-performance alternative to cold-form foil (CFF), Pentapharm® kpSilver™ provides all the visual characteristics of aluminium with the high-speed performance of thermoforming. kpSilver™ is available as a low-barrier laminate or integrated into high-barrier structures.​


Pentapharm® Accel™ are rigid PVC films laminated with ACLAR® Accel™. Available in standard dimensions, Accel™ films are designed to offer best-in-class moisture protection through formulations that improve performance and reduce costs.


Pentapharm® kpMax® rigid films offer the highest moisture and oxygen protection properties in the market. By combining ACLAR® lamination and PVdC coating, Pentapharm® kpMax® films are ideal for products that require ultra, ultra-high barrier properties in a transparent, small footprint package.​


With Pentapharm® LiquiGuard®, hot and cold liquid-fill medications can be formed and packaged directly in a thermostable laminate film. LiquiGuard® protects your sensitive products from package leaching and moisture gain or loss.​

kpSeal™ Speel

kpSeal™ Speel is the only FDA compliant film designed specifically for suppository packaging applications. These films are peelable, printable and offer high thermoformability properties.​