Barrier rigid films

For pharmaceuticals that require more stringent moisture and oxygen protection, these highly protective films ensure a long shelf life with optimal product integrity. kp offers a wide range of ACLAR® laminated and alfoil® PVdC coated barrier films for your specific application.
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Pentapharm® ACLAR® laminated films

Pentapharm® ACLAR® laminates are crystal clear, biochemically inert, thermally stable with unsurpassed protection against moisture in formulations designed to significantly improve performance and productivity. In addition to ultra-high moisture barrier, Pentapharm® ACLAR® laminates are available in multi-layer structures with oxygen protection.

Pentapharm® alfoil® PVdC coated films

Pentapharm® alfoil® is a high-performance line of PVdC-coated films that provide mid-to-high barrier to moisture, oxygen and aroma. Available in a wide range of coat weights and structures, alfoil® films are a cost-effective solution for most hygroscopic and oxygen-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Also available with kp’s proprietary Super Glide (SG) coating technology, alfoil® SG films have improved slip-characteristics that enable faster line speeds, higher yields and lower overall packaging costs. 

Pentapharm® alfoil® HBC films

Engineered with the latest in ultra-high barrier PVdC technology, alfoil® high-barrier coated (HBC) films offer unrivaled protection against moisture, oxygen and aroma.