Medical device packaging films

When a physician reaches for a medical device, it must be safely packaged. That’s why kp provides the medical device industry with Pentamed®, an extensive line of specially formulated rigid films manufactured to the highest standards and in strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. We ensure security of supply via global sourcing.
Our films are brilliantly clear and offer maximum product protection, ease of use and convenience for the end user. Pentamed® films ensure superior product integrity and guard against contamination for better delivery of your medical device. Our films offer a wide range of sealing and sterilisation options, including gamma, EtO and E-beam methods.

Mono-polymer films

Medical devices and instruments are sensitive and must be protected. However, health professionals must be able to open the packages quickly and easily. With Pentamed®, you get it all. These strong films produce trays and clamshells that ensure product integrity, user convenience and sterilisation.


  • Excellent formability and sealability (normal and deep-draw packages)
  • Outstanding deep-draw thermoforming characteristics
  • Softer cutting formulations to reduce knife wear and increase uptime
  • Higher performance yields 
  • Good sealability to a full range of lidding materials


  • Vinyl
  • PET
  • APET
  • PETG
  • HIPS
  • PP

Multi-polymer films

Pentamed® multi-polymer rigid films offer excellent oxygen and moisture barriers. Our films are efficiently processed for higher yields and can be sterilised with EtO, gamma and E-beam.


  • Excellent deep-draw thermoforming characteristics
  • High efficiency on standard form, fill and seal (FFS) machinery
  • Higher yields, reducing costs
  • No silicone branching
  • Sealable to a full range of lidding materials
  • Softer cutting formulations cause less knife wear and increased uptime


  • PET/PE

Anti-stat films

Pentamed® PETG rigid films with anti-static properties are a cost-effective solution when your electrostatic discharge (ESD) requirements are less demanding and certification is not required. They have the same performance properties as medical grade PETG films.