kpEnhance® RM1: Pioneering Nutraceutical Packaging with Sustainability at its Core

Eco-friendly nutraceutical packaging materials by Klockner Pentaplast
In the ever-evolving landscape of nutraceuticals, kp takes a bold step forward with kpEnhance® RM1 blister films – a revolutionary solution designed not only for optimal product presentation but with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Let's explore how kpEnhance® RM1 is redefining packaging in the nutraceutical industry.

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Recyclability at the Forefront:

At the heart of kpEnhance® RM1 is a commitment to environmental responsibility. These blister films are crafted to be recycled in the RIC 1 stream, aligning with PET's status as one of the most widely recycled materials today. The emphasis on recyclability is further underscored by the "Designed for Recyclability Certificate," available for download, showcasing kp's dedication to transparent and responsible practices.

kpEnhance® RM1

kpEnhance® RM1 blister films – a revolutionary solution with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

kpEnhance® RM1

kpEnhance® RM1 is a sustainable product offering that contains from 30% up to 80% post-consumer recycled content.

kpEnhance® RM1

Closing the Loop with Recycled Content:

kpEnhance® RM1 stands as a testament to kp's dedication to sustainability. With a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content, these blister films not only contribute to a closed-loop economy but also adhere to the highest regulatory standards. As one of the largest users of PCR material globally, kp is actively supporting a circular economy by incorporating recycled content across all business segments.

Traceability for Transparency:

Transparency is key to sustainability, and kpEnhance® RM1 exemplifies this with a traceability model. Through meticulous sourcing and strategic partnerships, the film allows for complete traceability of materials back to their initial source of product or collection. This commitment ensures accountability and reinforces kp's dedication to responsible sourcing practices.

Unmatched Clarity for Brand Appeal:

In the nutraceutical industry, presentation is paramount. kpEnhance® RM1 goes beyond sustainability by offering unmatched clarity. This exceptional film clarity not only aligns with the sense of purity and cleanliness often associated with dietary supplements but also provides brands with the perfect canvas to market their products at their visually appealing best.

Preventing Ocean Plastic for a Healthier Planet:

OceanPlastic Logo_AWs_SECONDARY1sTaking sustainability a step further, kpEnhance® RM1 utilizes Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) – a certified material sourced from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. This initiative not only safeguards the environment but also supports local communities in their efforts to protect their surroundings and foster well-being.

Quantifiable Impact:

Numbers speak volumes, and kp's commitment to preventing plastic pollution is measurable. Through the use of POP resin, kp has prevented an impressive 3,600 tons or 7,936,641 pounds of materials from entering oceans – equivalent to over 180 million bottles. This quantifiable impact reinforces kp's role as a leader in environmental stewardship.

Joining the Mission: Closing the Loop on Plastic Pollution:

kp invites everyone to join them on their mission to close the loop and prevent plastic pollution. By choosing kpEnhance® RM1, companies and consumers alike become part of a larger movement towards sustainable practices and environmental preservation.
kpEnhance® RM1 is more than a nutraceutical blister film; it's a testament to how innovation and sustainability can go hand-in-hand, setting new standards for packaging in the nutraceutical industry. With a focus on recyclability, recycled content, transparency, brand appeal, and preventing ocean plastic, kpEnhance® RM1 is a game-changer in the pursuit of a healthier planet.
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