Always the real deal – identifying a high-quality EPP pack

As the dust settles six months after the UK's ban on single use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) foodservice packaging, the need for education remains paramount.

We understand that in some cases, EPS/XPS-based packaging is still readily available and being used by foodservice customers in the UK, despite it being outlawed.

We recently launched kp Infinity®, an Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) packaging solution that is an ideal alternative to polystyrene (XPS/EPS) single use foodservice packs. kp Infinity® is fully recyclable in the existing PP waste infrastructure and brings many other benefits such as microwaveability and being cool to the touch.

As a champion for our customers, we want to bring clarity and help distributors, wholesalers, foodservice businesses, and their consumers, understand the difference between the banned EPS/XPS single use packaging and a high-quality and compliant pack, like kp Infinity®.

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1. Understanding the Recycling Code

When it comes to identifying a high-quality EPP pack, the first step is to look for the recycling code. kp Infinity® packs are labelled with recycling code 5, which confirms their recyclability.

One of the biggest issues with banned EPS/XPS packaging is that it’s unsuitable for today’s recycling infrastructure, which can result in packs going to landfill and incineration in linear waste streams. By contrast, kp Infinity® is completely recyclable in existing PP waste channels, without the need for investment by the recycling industry.

What’s more, to encourage responsible disposal, the packs are emblazoned with prominently embossed ‘Recycle Me’ messaging.

The outlawed EPS or XPS packaging is labelled with recycling code 6, which indicates a material that is no longer legal in the UK as single use foodservice packaging.

2. Performance that speaks volumes

Quality always reveals itself. kp Infinity® not only meets regulatory requirements, but also delivers exceptional performance that is head and shoulders above other EPS alternatives.

Extensive third-party testing demonstrates its exceptional thermal qualities; it keeps food hotter by more than 10°C compared to bagasse or paper-based packaging. In short, hot food stays that way for longer, and cold food stays refreshingly chilled.

This superior heat retention ensures that meals reach consumers in optimal condition. In addition, kp Infinity® is resistant to water, hot oils and alkalis, minimising the potential of leaks and spills.

3. Convenient by design

Despite its use over many years, a significant drawback of EPS packaging is that it’s not usually microwave-friendly without additional treatments or coatings. Meanwhile, kp Infinity® is safe for microwave use, allowing packed contents to be reheated with ease.

This added convenience enhances the overall user experience while helping to reduce food waste, catering to the demands of modern consumers seeking quick and efficient dining.

With EPS and XPS packaging now outlawed, there’s never been a better time to explore how kp Infinity® is changing the foodservice packaging game. Designed to meet the needs of today's food industry and the customers it serves, kp’s breakthrough represents a true landmark shift towards packaging solutions that prioritise recyclability, performance, convenience.

At kp, we’ll never cut corners to chase quick wins. We’re a trusted ally, proudly working under a ‘Packaging with Integrity’ ethos. We’re not just a packaging supplier – we do what’s right for the environment, our customers, and the industry at large. As such, we are proud to offer kp Infinity® our compliant EPP packaging in the UK, making it easy for wholesalers and food businesses to achieve full legal compliance.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable packaging future for generations to come.

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