kp Klearcup®

Lightweight dairy applications you can customise

kp Klearcup®polystyrene provides significant benefits and still meets performance needs by foaming the core of the film. With a 30% improvement in natural polystyrene and a 25% reduction in haze versus natural polystyrene, kp Klearcup® wants to make your product stand out on the shelf.

Packer/processor benefits

  • Crush strength keeps the product safe in transit
  • Moisture and oxygen transmission is ideal for live cultured dairy products
  • Drop-in settings for form, fill, seal and cut
  • Meets top load requirements of standard polystyrene (PS) cups
  • Fully snappable films for multi-packs

Retailer benefits

  • Various colour options available
  • 90% improvement in transparency
  • Four layers available to customise appearance
  • High gloss finish available


  • Reduces food waste
  • Transport-efficient, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions and less post-consumer solid waste

Technical information

  • 30% improvement in clarity over natural polystyrene
  • 25% reduction in haze vs natural polystyrene

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