12 November 2019

kp launches the next sustainable food-to-go packaging range - kp Infinity™

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) delivers its first to market packaging for the food service and food-to-go sector – taking expanded polypropylene into the future with a sustainable, recyclable innovative range.

Imagine a premium packaging solution that is fully recyclable, keeps your food hotter for longer, is microwaveable, lightweight, durable, water resistant and resistant to acids, alkalis and hot oils - kp did! Introducing the kp Infinity™ range. Barry Turner, Director of Plastics & Flexible Packaging, said, “Another first from kp as they offer a new fully recyclable packaging solution for food-to-go that will keep food hotter for longer”.

A truly unique solution, kp Infinity™ creates opportunity for the food service sector to meet their sustainability commitments as well as providing a premium solution for the market and consumer convenience. It is the next generation packaging solution given its broader functional and sustainability credentials.

Helen Bird, Strategic Engagement Manager, WRAP commented: “It is great to see not only innovation from kp in the development of this range, but the rigorous process they have undergone in the material selection to ensure they are doing the right thing. If collected for recycling, this range will be effectively sorted from other plastics for onward reprocessing into new products.”

kp Infinity™ is an innovative addition to kp’s sustainability portfolio that has been proven via an independently run Life Cycle Analysis, to be the most sustainable packaging solution that outperforms other material solutions with significantly reduced energy and water consumption and has a much lower carbon footprint. Made in the UK, it is fully recyclable, meeting the packaging needs of food-to-go outlets, and most importantly consumers.

Stuart Foster, CEO, Recoup, added: “With so much focus on plastics, packaging and recyclability, I congratulate kp on their ongoing innovations and leadership in this space. We have been pleased to support the development of the kp Infinity™ packaging range, which I am sure will be a great success. Ten years after it was originally launched, the use of 100% recycled PET in kp trays continues to be a great example of creating market demand for recycled plastics.”
Launching this new range in November there has already been huge interest from distributors and food-to-go outlets - providing them with a vastly improved sustainable and recyclable answer to their current packaging needs, while being one of the most cost-effective solutions. kp Infinity™ meets the needs of consumers and campaigners who are demanding their packaging should be recyclable - it has been trialled and tested through several recycling partners in the UK and in Europe - delivering successful results.

Andreas Leitner, Head of New Business Development, Borealis Polyolefins added, “kp Infinity™ is the packaging of the future - perfectly designed for protecting and supplying food in every respect and now for the first time infinitely recyclable. We are exceptionally proud to be part of this process supplying the materials that create this unique product and look forward to changing the way we produce packaging not just in the UK, but globally.”

Thanks to an independently run consumer survey kp Infinity™ offers a solution everyone can feel good about, endorsing a clear and eye-catching call to action, with a “Recycle me” message embossed on the top of the packs to let people know that the package can be recycled. With the added bonus that it is microwaveable, while maintaining durability and protection, it opens up to a whole new raft of consumer convenience across the UK for food businesses, particularly those in the food-to-go sector.

Katie Bradbury, Sustainability and Packaging Innovation Manager, Bunzl Catering Supplies, commented “A premium and practical range of food-to-go hot food packaging, kp Infinity™ is an example of excellence in product innovation because it has been designed to be recyclable in the existing waste management infrastructure. Product design and material innovation will play a critical part in meeting forthcoming environmental legislation in the catering and hospitality sector, and we are committed to bringing the very best packaging solutions from our suppliers to our customers. The bold on-pack message ‘Recycle me’ provides consumers with a clear and simple message, that if disposed of in the correct way, this product can have a second life.”

Adam Barnett, President of the Food Packaging division, says, “kp has been a long-term partner to food outlets across the UK for 40 years. We have continually supported the industry with products that meet the cost pressures of owning your own small business, while maximising the consumer eating experience. kp Infinity™ has those credentials at the heart of it and answers the need to enhance the sustainable needs of the modern consumer of food-to-go products. Creating a recyclable product, that provides great heat retention, is heat resistant, moisture resistant and microwave-safe, it also recognises the cost sensitivity in the market, by providing the low-cost solution to a truly sustainable product. A win-win for our long-term partners.”

kp Infinity™ - Packaging with a future.


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kp launches the next sustainable food-to-go packaging range - kp Infinity™
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