Positive Plastics Pledge

Our four-point plan for a future with less waste

Plastics have an incredibly important role to play, both today and in the future. At kp, we’re shaping that future and putting circular thinking into action through our Positive Plastics Pledge.

We see a future where we all participate in the circular economy for plastic

We see a future in which we optimise the resources we use to ensure we have the lowest carbon footprint possible; where packaging is designed for recyclability, using recycled materials and sustainable sources; where recycling is widely understood and supported; and where used plastic is valued as a resource.

By working together with our peers, our customers, brands, retailers, consumers, governments, local authorities, waste processors and recyclers, we can build a more sustainable future for plastics: a future with less waste.

We will do more with less


We will drive change at scale


We will maximise the use of sustainable materials


We will drive change at scale


We will maximise the use of sustainable materials


We will promote the value of plastic waste

Two years of positive progress

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far

In just two years, we have launched several new packaging options made using up to 100% recycled polyester (rPET). We have also worked with our customers, helping them to switch from less sustainable packaging options to kp products that support a closed loop.

Over two years, we’ve presented at a range of global conferences and events, sharing our vision for a future with less waste with nearly 5,000 people. However, we are not stopping there. We want to get everyone involved with protecting the planet. That’s why we have worked, and continue to work, with stakeholder partners to develop the infrastructure, education and incentives needed to collect, sort and recycle plastic so it can come back as more protective, fit-for-purpose packaging and products.

Awards won in 2019–2020

Foodservice Packaging Association Awards

March 2020
  • Design and Marketing Award: kp Infinity™ launch
  • Sustainability Award: Positive Plastics Pledge Year 1

PAC Global Leadership Awards

February 2020
  • Best in Class Package Innovation, Sustainable Design: kp Elite®

UK Packaging Awards

November 2019
  • Best Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year: kp Jewel™
  • Highly Commended: Packaging Company of the Year

Sustainability Confex

October 2019
  • Sustainability Solution Provider (Innovative Packaging)

Waste2Zero Awards

October 2019
  • Best Recycling Project (Public Sector): Closed Loop with kp Featherstone
  • Best Closed Loop Project (Runner-up): PETCore Working Group to prove tray to tray recycling
We’ve achieved a lot in the first two years of our Positive Plastics Pledge, but we know there’s still more to do.

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Find out more about our Pledge in our Positive Plastics Pledge brochure

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A positive year for plastics

It has been a challenging year for all of us globally, changing the way we live and work, at least temporarily. For us at kp, it has been a chance to demonstrate the key important benefits of plastics in preventing valuable food waste, in safely transporting and protecting medical supplies and in fulfilling our primary purpose – the sustainable protection of everyday needs.

The last 12 months of our Positive Plastics Pledge have seen us make real progress as a global leader of recycled content products and high-barrier protective packaging. We have innovated products and systems that truly bring about a circular economy, making it easier to reuse and recycle our products. We’ve teamed up, and made more powerful partnerships in the industry, and as we enter our third year of the Pledge we look forward to even more success working with you to transform our world and yours.
Scott Tracey
CEO, Klöckner Pentaplast