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We have two version available for each language. The print version has a better quality and the web version has reduced quality but smaller file size (better for mobile).
kp cookbook - English print version (58 MB) | (September 2021)kp cookbook - English web version (18 MB) | (September 2021)kp cookbook - German - print version / kp Kochbuch - Druckversion (Deutsch) (58 MB) | (September 2021)kp cookbook - German - web version / kp Kochbuch - Webversion (Deutsch) (18 MB) | (September 2021)kp cookbook - French print version / kpLivre de cuisine - Version imprimée (Français) (58 MB) | (Septembre 2021)kp cookbook - French web version / kpLivre de cuisine - version web (Français) (18 MB) | (Septembre 2021)

Download our Sustainability Report for 2020

See what we have implemented and achieved in 2020. We are investing our time, focus and energy in becoming a better, more sustainable business.

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Download our Sustainability Report for 2020


Investing in Better – Our sustainability roadmap for 2021 and beyond


PPP year one and year two brochure downloads

Positive Plastics Pledge (PPP) Launch Brochure