Bio-based rigid films

We offer a selection of biodegradable and environmentally friendly films for your conversion needs. These include corn starch and sugar cane options for the sustainability conscious customer and consumer.

Pentafood rigid TerraPET™

TerraPET™ is a polyester (PET) based film, made with up to 30% sugar cane. The film provides brilliant clarity and performance properties that are comparable with standard PET films. Made in part from sugar cane, TerraPET™ film allows our customers to replace fossil fuel-based material with up to 30% plant-based material that continues to work with standard and existing thermoforming and form, fill and seal tooling and equipment. There are no special handling or logistics required and this bio-based film has a heat-deflection temperature of over 62ºC/145ºF. TerraPET™ certified film is made using renewable and plant-based resources.


Meat, poultry, sliced meats, cheeses, fish, confectionery and snacks


Easy to thermoform and cut, no special handling requirements, certified product and made from renewal resources.


PET only