kp LINwrap® PO Range

100% Recyclable Polyolefin Stretch Films

For a premium and sustainable choice, the LINwrap PO range provides the ideal solution. Maximised strength with high gloss, outstanding clarity and anti-fog features deliver shelf appeal - keeping your food looking as fresh as the moment they were wrapped.

Packer Benefits

  • Premium product for excellent presentation
  • Suitable for all food products
  • High sealing performance
  • Available in multiple sizes with smooth unwinding
  • Developed and approved by packers and machine suppliers

Retailer/Consumer Benefits

  • Protects food and extends shelf life by up to three days
  • Outstanding clarity, high gloss and anti-fog
  • High stretch and cling
  • High puncture resistance and strength with excellent sealability

Sustainability Benefits

  • Recyclable film with highest certification from Interseroh
  • Recyclable film assessed and confirmed by RECOUP*
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Very thin film with maximum strength to minimum weight ratio
  • Protects food, helping reduce food waste

*Recyclable with PE carrier bags in stores in the UK