kp Hotfill®

Sustainable PET solution for hot filling

Introducing our top of the range, sustainable PET rigid base film for thermoforming and form, fill and seal hot filling applications. kp Hotfill® is a fully transparent mono PET film, made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled content, that is fully recyclable, offering a sustainable alternative to problematic plastics and helping to close the loop on food packaging. Perfect for hot filling up to a temperature of 90ºC for foods like jams, compotes, flan puddings, cream cheese dips, condiment sauces, liquid stocks, soups and other ready to eat foods.

Packer/Processor Benefits

  • Fit for hot filling up to 90ºC
  • High stacking resistance
  • Drop-in solution for thermoforming lines
  • Reduced retrofitting cost for form, fill and seal lines
  • >15% longer rolls, less change-over, less storage space, less deliveries

Retailer Benefits

  • Excellent transparencyand glossiness
  • Good snapability
  • High gas barrier
  • EVOH/PE option available for extended shelf-life
  • Lock seal and peelable options available

Sustainability Benefits

  • Mono PET material
  • Fully recyclable*
  • Made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled PET
  • >13% thinner material
  • Lower carbon footprint versus other polymers
*Easily sorted and recycled where the right infrastructure is in place.

Technical Information

  • Works with all standard PS thermoforming equipment thanks to similar forming and processing conditions reducing costs of retrofitting existing equipment.
  • Similar thermoforming conditions to PS with lower cutting force required compared to standard PET.
  • Considerably better gas barrier than PS and PP removing the need for a EVOH and PE liner maintaining a mono material for easier recycling.
  • Better mechanical properties and no need for EVOH and PE liners means a 13% thinner film versus existing PS/EVOH/PE and PP/EVOH/PE films.
  • A 13% thinner film equals at least a 15% longer roll, which means less change-overs, less storage space, fewer orders and a reduction in deliveries leading to a lower carbon footprint.
  • Superior transparency and glossiness versus PS/EVOH/PE and PP/EVOH/PE creates higher shelf-appeal.
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to PS and PP from cradle to grave where adequate recycling infrastructure is in place**.
**Lower carbon footprint versus PS and PP from cradle to end of life assuming there is adequate PET sorting and recycling infrastructure in place as is the case of the United Kingdom. Source: WRAP PlasFlow Carbon - January 2013.
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