The ocean’s future is in your hands

When buying food, look for the Recycled Coastal Plastics logo. This means your pack is made with recovered and recycled coastal plastics along with other recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Using recycled material is something we’ve been doing for nearly two decades, so respect for the planet is second nature to us.
Recycled Coastal Plastics

In partnership with Keep Sea Blue

Recycled Coastal Plastics material is collected by a non-profit organisation called Keep Sea Blue.

Keep Sea Blue works with volunteers, companies and local municipalities across the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean basin to capture any plastic waste from the beaches to the tourist businesses along the shore. It is then sorted and processed into flakes.

Using this collected, audited and tracked flake material we heat it and work it into new packaging material for fresh food packaging.

In partnership with Keep Sea Blue

Recycled Coastal Plastics material is collected by a non-profit organisation

We’re taking local action to solve a global problem

We recover coastal plastics from European coastlines, which leaves us with a short distance to transport the material. This reduces our environmental impact even further. We’ll use these recycled coastal plastics to create fresh food packaging in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Turkey.
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Keeping food fresher and safer – for longer

Every year, a third of all food in the world goes to waste. Plastic packaging helps to protect fresh food, extend shelf life and reduce food waste, a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ocean bound and coastal plastic is a vital raw material we want to use to close the loop on plastic, instead of throwing it away. With clever innovation and design, plastic is stronger yet lighter than some other materials, which reduces the emissions needed to transport food.

Keeping food fresher and safer – for longer

Keeping food fresher and safer – for longer

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Made by kp

kp is a global producer of recyclable food packaging, with sustainability at its core. kp has partnered with Keep Sea Blue to create the Recycled Coastal Plastics brand where your food packaging contains this certified material. As a producer we are able to audit and quality check all of our suppliers and the raw material that they provide. Using Keep Sea Blue’s special block-chain auditing system we are able to trace from the source of collection.

Find out more about kp, its memberships, sustainability and to contact us.

We are also proud to be founding members of the UK Plastics Pact and, most recently, the ANZPAC Plastics Pact

Sustainability at kp

Partnered with Keep Sea Blue

Our trusted partner Keep Sea Blue, an independent NGO, has a one-of-a-kind block-chain auditing system. It is committed to a plastic-free Mediterranean Sea and has created a network across the chain of islands in Greece to collect, sort and process plastics within 50km of the ocean, keeping the sea blue.

To find out more, click on the button below to get to the Keep Sea Blue website.

Keep Sea Blue