4 Klöckner Pentaplast We can close the loop, together Plastics have an incredibly important role to play, both today and in the future. At kp, we’re shaping that future through our Positive Plastics Pledge. We see a future in which we optimise the resources we use. Where packaging is based on greater recyclability, and the greater use of recycled materials and sustainable sources. Where recycling is widely understood and supported, and where used plastic is valued as a resource. A future in which we all participate in the circular economy for plastic. We have big ideas about reducing littering, ensuring that used plastic is appreciated as a valuable raw material, and addressing climate change. Whilst continuing to protect products and prevent food waste through our packaging. Our Positive Plastics Pledge is the next step on kp’s journey, but it’s one we can’t take alone. We need your help. Only by working together with our peers, customers and consumers, as well as retailers, brands and governments, local authorities, recyclers and waste processors, can we achieve our ambitions. So join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future for plastic: a future with less waste. Daniel Dayan CEO, Klöckner Pentaplast Our corporate purpose Sustainable protection of everyday needs To be the leader in sustainable rigid and flexible packaging solutions – for food and consumer products, pharmaceutical and medical devices, and speciality products – that meet the needs of modern society while optimising the use of scarce resources.