Positive Plastics Pledge 13 Coordinated, collective action We strive to be recognised as a global thought leader across the plastics industry. We will continue to proactively engage with stakeholders throughout the sector, encouraging the increased use of recycled materials and lobbying for improvements in recycling infrastructure. We have high hopes, but they require a coordinated approach. •  We need plastic producers to use more recycled material and to continue to design plastic packaging for recyclability, while ensuring the package is still protective and fit for purpose. •  We need our customers, brand owners and retailers to specify and promote the use of more recycled material, as well as engage with consumers on the importance of recycling. •  We need to drive for change to make it easier, simpler and more convenient for consumers to recycle at home and on the go. •  We need governments to drive plastic recycling through the right mechanisms and financial incentives. • We need councils and local authorities to help and work together, by providing more kerbside collection and recycling points. •  And we need recyclers to invest in advanced  technologies to increase their recycling capabilities so that plastic producers can use more recycled material, so the loop continues. Every member of the value chain impacts the next person. If we all take action, informed by science-based facts, we can drive transformational change and create a better, circular future for plastic. Our wider commitments In addition to our commitments outlined in our Positive Plastics Pledge, we are a signatory to the UK Plastics Pact, which is a collaboration of major businesses across the plastics value chain. Launched in April 2018 by sustainability experts WRAP, the Pact plans to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic packaging by 2025 through redesign, innovation or alternative delivery models. In cooperation with the European Commission, six organisations from across the European plastics value chain have adopted a framework of voluntary commitments to expand existing plastics recycling activities. These circular economy platforms aim to deliver by 2040, 70% recycling and reuse of plastic packaging, 50% recycling and reuse of plastic waste, and considerably reduce littering. R e c o v e ry and Recycling