Positive Plastics Pledge 11 Engaging and empowering We believe the benefits of plastics are often under‑appreciated. Plastics have unique, versatile characteristics that no other material can match: they’re hygienic, safe, flexible, durable, strong, light and have superior barrier properties to preserve and protect perishable products, helping to reduce food waste. We want to help people understand and appreciate these benefits, by explaining to consumers and communities the values of plastic, not only during use but also afterwards. By giving consumers clearer information, via  on‑pack labelling and through wider engagement and communication campaigns, we can educate them on the purpose and benefits of packaging and how and what can be recycled. It will also allow us to explain why it’s a much better solution than having plastic waste end up in landfill, as litter on our streets or in our oceans. Starting in the community with ‘Leeds by Example’ We’re proud to support #LeedsByExample, an exciting pilot campaign launched in September 2018 designed to help increase on-the-go recycling and reduce litter. The initiative brings together leading companies, including kp, to trial a range of approaches. These include new recycling points throughout the city, in transport hubs, offices, shopping centres and university buildings, supported by a range of communications with eye-catching designs and messaging to encourage sustainable behaviour change. #LeedsByExample C o n s u m ption and Use