Two-layer ACLAR® Films

Typically, ACLAR®-laminated films are constructed from three layers: PVC/PE/ACLAR®. Pentapharm® two-layer ACLAR® films eliminate the PE layer. You get significant cost and machinability benefits without sacrificing moisture and gas protection.
  • Eliminating the PE layer reduces the film's gauge, improves machinability, and produces higher yields while lowering costs
  • Two-layer film runs 10-15C cooler than comparable three-layer films, decreasing heat and forming time. Material shrinkage and curling are also significantly decreased, making it easier to carton.
  • Two-layer film is more brilliant and clear
  • Without affecting roll diameter, you get 25% more film per roll. This means you can run your machine longer with fewer transitions, increasing productivity
  • Two-layer films have a wider forming window (30C as compared to a 10C on competitive three-layer films) giving you better machinability & improved line efficiencies
ACLAR® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.

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