Rigid Polyester Films

Rigid Polyester Films - Pentapharm® kpVantage®
From a worldwide leader in the production of rigid polyester films and a trusted source for pharmaceutical films comes the next generation of pharmaceutical packaging films – Pentapharm® kpVantage® films. These films provide a high-performance polyester-based solution to standard industry films. These innovative films are designed to be processed on existing equipment maintaining all critical package components – no need to change tooling, lidding, or package design.
Pentapharm® kpVantage® films incorporate a wide range of structures to meet your pharmaceutical packaging needs. They can be used as a mono film or integrated into barrier structures for products that require more protection from moisture and gas.
All Pentapharm® kpVantage® films:
  • Can be processed on your existing packaging lines, without modification, new tooling, or need for specialized equipment
  • Work with existing foil lidding materials and structures with universal heat-seal coatings and within normal sealing temperature ranges
  • Offer a wide forming window for optimal thermoforming
  • Form at lower temperatures, decreasing energy use and increasing line speed
  • Punch and perforate cleanly, with no angel hair
  • Offer a full range of barrier protection with common contact material
  • Process consistently with no neck-in and good registration
  • Cut easily for less knife wear
  • Have increased yields due to lower specific gravity, more packages per pound/kilo
  • Lay flat for improved performance on filling stations
  • Have enhanced tensile properties for superior toughness
  • Provide brilliant clarity and superior optical and surface qualities
Offered globally, we manufacture identical film at already-qualified kp production sites around the world. The films meet FDA and EU regulatory requirements for primary contact.
Pentapharm® kpVantage® films are a drop-in polyester-based solution designed to help you meet your social, economic, and environmental sustainability goals, while maintaining product integrity and production economies. Pentapharm® kpVantage® films inherently provide high-performance properties that can support your sustainability efforts.
  • Saves electricity due to shorter cycle times and lower temperatures
  • Eliminates capital expense by utilizing existing packaging assets
  • Reduces package weight through increased yield

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