Pentafood® clikPET®

Snapable PET-based technology for the dairy industry

clikPET® is a brand-new PET-based technology for the dairy industry. The new innovation embodies full polystyrene functionality, complemented by excellent gas and water vapour barrier properties and the ability to bend and click. This achieves increased shelf-life up to 10 days, avoids cup breakage during distribution, helps the customers to reduce costs in a competitive environment – and to meet the demands of the consumer.
Extended shelf-life Extended shelf-life up to 10 days
Safe & sustainable Safe & sustainable solution – based on PET
Snap a cup Snap a cup out of your multipack yogurts

Key Features

Technical Features
  • PET-based technology
  • Usability on major FFS lines
    (forming, sealing, labeling)
  • Excellent gas and water vapourbarrier properties
Added Value
  • The full functionality of PS – able to bend and click in the same way
  • An extension of shelf life up to 10 days
  • Improved freshness
  • Reduced food wastage
  • A new set of possibilities for packaging and product innovation – to drive brand differentiation and consumer value perception
Cost Saving
  • Reduced complexity, risk and price volatility in the supply chain
  • No cost to convert existing lines
  • Longer production runs and flexibility

Trends in the dairy market

Consumers around the world expect natural and healthy products as well as convenience and a fresh, indulgent and appetizing appeal. With regard to these trends, it is very often the packaging that makes the difference: it has to protect its content and be safe for the consumer. At the same time it has to offer innovative design solutions and innovation in serving – such as multi-packs and multi-chamber packs which are preferred for greater consumer interaction and engagement.
Trends in the dairy market
Freshness is a key priority Consumers will buy the freshest product they can get and are willing to pay a premium for special features.
Due dates create a dilemma for consumers Consumers want a fresh and natural product which is signalled by short shelf life, but they do not accept products with expired due dates.
Appetite appeal generates added value Packaging supports appetite appeal. In addition to that, the requirements for printing of pack design play a strong role.
Basis functionality is table stakes Easy opening and transport stability are must-haves, breaking cups are accepted as “fact of life”.
Dairy products such as yogurt have functional and emotional benefits for its consumers, more than just taste! Dairy products such as yogurt have functional and emotional benefits for its consumers, more than just taste!

About clikPET®

The new PET-based technology can be used on major FFS lines, seals, labels and trays. Thanks to the basis of PET technology, the product offers a safe and sustainable solution in this market. Even though it is PET-based, consumers can snap it, e.g. taking a yogurt cup out of multipacks. Due to the material basis, the shelf-life of the yogurt can be extended up to 10 days, offering more flexibility to retailers and suppliers and enhancing end-consumers’ needs for fresh and natural ingredients.

Your Benefits

Buyer comfort /cost reduction
Buyer comfort
/cost reduction
clikPET helps to reduce costs in a competitive environment through better gas barrier properties allowing higher shelf life. Financial advantage thanks to compatibility with current production setup.
Sustainability Less food wastage and shelf life superiority in the food value chain due to PET-based technology.
Fresh and appetizing
Fresh and appetizing Leverages superior protection properties and supports building up brand values through design.
Consumer preference
Consumer preference Leverages the snapping properties for innovation in serving/preparing multi-component packs (not only vs. PS), offering bend and click for more convenience.
Pentafood® clikPET® Brochure DOWNLOAD PDF
June 29, 2016 Food Packaging Innovation Rigid Film

clikPET® achieves top spot in World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016

The new clikPET® PET-based technology for yogurt packaging took second place in the best dairy packaging innovation category in this year’s World Dairy Innovation Awards.
March 3, 2016 Food Packaging Innovation Rigid Film

Klöckner Pentaplast Introduces New PET-Based Technology for Yogurt Packaging at Propak Africa 2016

As part of the Klöckner Pentaplast’s consistent effort in anticipating customer needs and developing innovative solutions, the company will introduce its newly developed PET-based technology for yogurt packaging clikPET® at Propak Africa 2016 in Johannesburg (South Africa).

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