Food Film Innovations

At Klöckner Pentaplast, we are always pursuing the next technological breakthrough in food packaging solutions. We seek out improved materials that provide higher performance, smoother processing, and higher efficiency.
Pentafood® BPET® Films
Pentafood® BPET® films are engineered with enhanced production efficiency for outstanding thermoforming, better cutting, and no brittleness. Combined with lower thermoforming temperature for energy savings, these films deliver superior performance and, thereby, cost savings. Pentafood® BPET® films are designed to be used in conditions as low as -20° C, which makes them perfect for frozen food applications. Ideal for deep-draw, tray, and blister thermoformed applications, Pentafood® BPET® films are offered in mono- and multi-layer structures of BPET®, BPET®/PE, and BPET®/EVOH/PE.
Available in a wide range of barriers to moisture, gas, and aroma, Pentafood® BPET® films have outstanding sealing properties and multiple sealant options, such as permanent or easy-peel seals. Special sealants that enable sealing through contaminants are also available. These films are offered in a broad range of standard opaque colors and are suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Pentafood® BPET® films run on standard thermoforming and form/fill/seal equipment. All Pentafood® BPET® films are in compliance with respective EU regulations and directives, as well as the applicable national legislations and international standards.
Pentafood® light BPET® films
Engineered to offer superior aesthetics for high shelf impact while providing an opportunity for material reduction, Pentafood® light BPET® films reduce package weight and maintain physical properties comparable to standard materials. These films offer greater than 20% density reduction compared to non-foamed PET products. Their scratch resistant surface and enhanced denesting provide additional benefits. Pentafood® light BPET® films are designed to be used in conditions as low as -40° C for frozen food applications. As with standard Pentafood® BPET® films, they offer high production efficiency, superior formability, and cost savings. Pentafood® light BPET® films are available in mono- and multi-layer structures with PE and EVOH/PE. All Pentafood® light BPET® films are in compliance with respective EU regulations and directives, as well as the applicable national legislations and international standards.
Pentafood® rigid TerraPET® APET Films
Consisting of up to 30% renewable resource content, rigid TerraPET® APET films provide the same brilliant cosmetic clarity and performance properties as standard APET films while helping customers meet their sustainable packaging goals. Made in part from sugar cane, TerraPET® films allow customers to replace fossil fuel based material with up to 30% plant based material.
TerraPET® films have the same performance properties as standard APET films so there is no need to change tooling or package design. These films process on existing equipment in the same thermoforming range and have the same cuttability as standard APET. With a heat-deflection temperature of over 145°F, no special handling or logistics are necessary. These films are certified to meet packaging regulations and to comply with all FDA regulations for direct food contact as well as all applicable EU regulations and directives for food contact.
TerraPET® films are ideal for
  • Blisters
  • Clamshells
  • Trays
  • Other thermoformed applications
As with standard APET films, packages produced with these films can be marked with SPI resin identification code 1 and waste from thermoforming operations is compatible with existing pre-consumer recycling streams.
Pentafood® Bicolor Films
Pentafood® bicolor films were specifically developed for the production of multi-colored clamshells, face-seal blisters, and trays for fresh food and bakery products, as well as tableware for the catering industry. 
Pentafood® bicolor films meet the need for providing maximum product protection and strong shelf appeal. Packages produced with Pentafood® bicolor films offer strong impact resistance and excellent aesthetics.
We have developed a unique production technology that allows us to manufacture bi- and tri-color films in any transparent and opaque color combination.
SmartCycle® Films
Through its partnership with Packaging 2.0 LLC, kp offers SmartCycle® PETE films for general-purpose and food-contact thermoforming for trays, clamshells, surface-sealed blisters, and various other containers.
Processed with renewable energy, SmartCycle® S150 films are guaranteed to contain a minimum content of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. These films comply with all FDA regulations for direct food contact and are certified to meet domestic packaging regulations. In addition, the films exceed California and Oregon regulations for rigid plastic packaging containers.
SmartCycle® films provide a thermoformed plastic packaging option to consumer product companies and retailers while building long-term value by helping them move toward their sustainable packaging goals. Because the SmartCycle® logo appears on the plastic containers using this film, consumers can make educated choices on their purchases.

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