Card Film Surfaces

Klöckner Pentaplast offers a variety of surfaces, from high gloss to matte. You can also combine surfaces to get the best finish for your card.
Our high gloss films are used for solid core cards, when lamination is not required.
  • Certain printing methods, such as thermo transfer printing, require a high gloss surface (usually applied on the finished cards)
  • Offset printing can be difficult on high gloss surfaces due to the ink drying process. A fine matte surface with defects can also have a negative impact on print quality
Lamination films require a certain roughness to allow the air to flow out from between the layers.
  • The lower the level of surface roughness, the higher the resolution of the artwork
  • With low roughness, high-resolution artwork can be achieved. Rougher films provide advantages in the lamination process and in ink adhesion
Matte surfaces can be achieved in different ways.
  • Matte calender rolls create structures that are fine and constant. These films are used for core stock and overlays
  • Embossing the film surface in line is advantageous for thin films (less than 60 µm)
Matte/gloss surfaces provide the benefits of both matte and gloss surfaces.
Super Smooth surface provides the benefits of both matte and gloss surfaces for non-laminated and foil card film applications.
  • Provides a unique one-sided surface with a traditional matte surface on the opposite side
  • For non-secure applications, these films offer a very high-quality print surface for thicker gauge films (24-30 mils) permitting use of a solid core film for non-laminated card bodies
  • By replacing the traditional gloss/matte products without compromising the brilliance or 'pop' from the gloss side of the product, higher yields, improved productivity, and cost savings can be achieved
  • For foil card applications, Super Smooth surface films have excellent card aesthetics

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