Klöckner Pentaplast has been named Best Rigid Plastic Film Manufacturer 2018

Klöckner Pentaplast’s Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Films Division (kp Pharma) has been named ‘Best Rigid Plastic Film Manufacturer’ by the Global Health and Pharma (GHP) network at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2018. kp has been chosen through a combination of votes from the GHP of respected industry partners and their own rigorous in-house research.

The award was given in response to excellence in packaging and manufacturing services across the world. GHP carefully analyzed kp’s performance over the past 12 months, commitment to innovation, their manufacturing and quality methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of their prestigious accolades.

“We’re extremely honored to earn this recognition, which is the response to huge focus on every aspect of the business in the past years. We’re glad that our continuing investments in different regions of the world, our new product development pipeline, and focus on services to improve the cycle time of development projects is gaining recognition”, stated Tracey Peacock, President, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Films. “Let us tell you more about kp and our products by visiting us at booth #410 at Making Pharmaceuticals from April 24-25 2018 in Coventry, UK”, Peacock continued.

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Best Rigid Plastic Film Manufacturer 2018
Best Rigid Plastic Film Manufacturer 2018
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