Klöckner Pentaplast displays new Packaging Solutions at Pack Expo International and Coexisting Pharma Expo 2016

Klöckner Pentaplast is displaying applications of a wide range of packaging solutions at two locations during the Pack Expo International (Booth # E-8118) and the Pharma Expo (Booth # 985) 2016 shows, November 6-9 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. kp is set to debut a number of new packaging solutions, including the recently developed Pentafood® clikPET® innovative packaging design; Pentafood® snapsil® for single serve packaging applications; Pentalabel® eklipse™ high-performing light blocking label films; and Pentapharm® LiquiGuard™ films, a designed unit dose blister for hot and cold-fill liquid medications and semi-solid blister packaging.

Pentafood® PET-based Technology for Yogurt Packaging
Klöckner Pentaplast’s award-winning Pentafood® clikPET® is a newly designed PET-based technology for yogurt packaging that can be used on major FFS lines, seals, labels and trays. This innovative packaging technology can extend the shelf life of yogurt products up to 10 days, offering more flexibility to retailers and suppliers while enhancing consumers’ needs for fresh and natural ingredients. In addition, Pentafood® clikPET®’s excellent material properties reduce cup breakage rates to significantly lower levels.

Pentafood® snapsil® Innovation in Single Serve Packaging
Klöckner Pentaplast launches the new innovation Pentafood® snapsil® for single serve food package applications that include single hand easy opening, superior dispensing control and increased product integrity and freshness. “We are extremely excited to introduce new packaging solutions at Pack Expo International and look forward to greeting and engaging with visitors in both the Pack Expo and Pharma Expo halls. Our global organization has multiple new packaging ideas that were built through collaboration with clients and driven by specific, custom market needs,” states Stuart Ball, Global Marketing Director, Food and Consumer Packaging.

Pentalabel® eklipse™ High-performing Light Blocking Label Films
The Pentalabel® shrink film line has been expanded to include a new high-performing light blocking label film, Pentalabel® eklipse™. This innovative product introduces maximum light blocking properties into the film process, and satisfies the market need for films that are cost-effective, process efficient and improve light barrier characteristics. Pentalabel® eklipse™ films offer high performing shrink percentages for optimal design freedom while eliminating the need for high-barrier primary containers.

Pentapharm® LiquiGuard™ Hot and Cold-Fill and Semi-solid Blister Films
Klöckner Pentaplast introduces LiquiGuard™ the latest innovative addition to the Pentapharm® line of pharmaceutical blister films. Until now, the limitations of blister films to withstand hot-fill liquids, and other emerging dosage forms presented too great a technical challenge for blister packaging to be a viable option for nutraceuticals and medications beyond solid oral dose formulations. With Pentapharm® LiquiGuard™, hot and cold-fill liquids and semi-solids can be formed and packaged directly in a crystal-clear, thermostable laminate film that protects sensitive products from package leaching and moisture gain or loss.

Broad Range of Packaging and Printing Films
Klöckner Pentaplast’s product line on display will include films for food products (Pentafood®), pharmaceuticals (Pentapharm®), shrink films (Pentalabel®), medical devices (Pentamed®), and general-purpose thermoforming (Pentaform®). Applications of other specialty films for all-plastic boxes (Pentaclear®) and static-sensitive electronic devices (Pentastat®) will also be shown.

Klöckner Pentaplast Pharma Expo Innovation Stage Presentation
Innovation Stage Session
Developing a unique blister-based solution to package and protect liquid and semi-liquid dosage forms

Presenter – Daniel Stagnaro – Director, Global Market Development
Date: Monday, November 7, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: W-320
November 6, 2016 Klöckner Pentaplast displays new Packaging Solutions at Pack Expo International and Coexisting Pharma Expo 2016 DOWNLOAD PDF

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