Investment in Light Pet Line (Portugal2020)

Designation of the project | Light-PET
Project Code | POCI-01-0249-FEDER-022764
Main goal | Reinforce research, technology development and innovation
Region of activity | North
Beneficiary | Pentaplast, S.A.

Approval date | 08-11-2016
Start date | 16-09-2016
End date | 15-09-2017
Total eligible value | 7.150.000,00 €
EU Financing | 3.932.500,00 €

This project concerns an investment in a new production line for a mono and multilayer expanded PET film. The project was approved for European Funding for Innovation.

The main goal is to expand the production capacity of plastic film for the food industry, which will allow the production of lighter products (expanded) that will meet the demand of differentiating products in the packaging market.

The new film will be characterized by high production efficiency, superior formability / deformation, surface resistance to scratches and a density reduction of more than 20% compared to non-foamed PET products.

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