Technical Support

When you buy film from Klöckner Pentaplast, you get the best technical support in the industry. Our approach is hands-on. We not only solve problems but also help you to get the highest level of performance from our film. We continuously improve products for current applications and create innovative ones for new applications.
  • Our technical team works closely with machine manufacturers to ensure that our films perform on your machinery
  • By helping you to optimize processing, we can reduce total production costs
  • We offer an on-line troubleshooting guide
  • Our technical support staff is available to visit your facility to help you overcome material and machine problems
Technical Support Centers
Our technical support facilities serve the pharmaceutical and thermoforming (food, medical device, static control, and general thermoforming) industries. These innovative centers were the first of their kind. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and expert staff, they are dedicated solely to assisting you with product development and technical support.
  • kp technical support staff help you to improve current packages and create new ones
  • We internally test newly developed films, laminates, and coatings to bring them to market faster
  • We evaluate the performance of alternate materials and tooling designs, so you don’t have to
  • We can duplicate your run conditions in our lab to quickly identify and solve technical problems. For pharmaceutical customers, we can generate definitive data on formed blisters in any configuration
  • We offer training seminars for your packaging engineers, packaging designers, and production personnel
  • These facilities are fully equipped:
    • Form/fill/seal machines are available for testing and training
    • We have opened a pilot plant for new laminates and coatings
    • Tooling is available for numerous films: rigid vinyl, PVdC-coated, ACLAR®-laminated, COC-coated and -laminated, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, and PLA films. Or you can provide your own
    • A full range of films is available
    • A full range of lidding stock from multiple suppliers is available

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