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kp Partnering solution for development of new products

Every innovation starts with an idea. The key for new ideas is physical exchange of experts from various disciplines, thinking styles and roles. That´s why Klöckner Pentaplast created a destination for clients to ‘take residency’ and work side-by-side with kp experts on their specific packaging needs. The so called kp facilitates rapid packaging design and gives customers a truly personalized experience.

The center was conceived to meet the needs of global pharmaceutical packaging professionals, including those in operations, marketing, and procurement, for both branded and generic products. Visitors include project managers, business unit managers and engineers. The open environment offers opportunity for ideas to freely grow. A place where focused capabilities rapidly produce prototypes, which reduces the cost and shortens the time to market for new products.

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kpGO: from idea to implementation

The market for packaging manufacturers is always in motion – the dynamics are greater than ever before. In conjunction, the need for speed-to-market is greater. Ideas need to come to fruition at a much more rapid pace than in the past.

Customers can rely on Klöckner Pentaplast to help get their fresh concepts from idea to innovation in a timely, cost-effective manner. To speed up the process from idea to implementation, Klöckner Pentaplast introduced kpGO. Whether it is a new product feature, optimization of the manufacturing process or a new business model, working collaboratively with Klöckner Pentaplast, you can evaluate the prospects of success and the profitability of your idea.

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Product innovations

Regular monitoring of future trends and customer feedback enable Klöckner Pentaplast to develop innovative products.

Pentalabel® ClearFloat™
The Pentalabel® shrink film line has been expanded to include a new high-performing floatable label film, Pentalabel® ClearFloat™. This product satisfies the growing market need for films that meet the standards set by the recycling community while providing the clarity, process-ability and durability required of today’s consumer labels.

Pentadecor® - made of Resysta®
Another example is Pentadecor® Films - made of Resysta®. The first rice husk and polymer composite film is less than one millimeter thick and can be laminated on a variety of surfaces. With Pentadecor® Films made of Resysta®, Klöckner Pentaplast responds to the growing demand for durable materials for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Learn more about Pentadecor® Films - made of Resysta®

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