Construction and décor

From homes and hospitals to office complexes, kp films are the key to beautiful, long-lasting surfaces. Our films have countless uses including luxury vinyl flooring, cabinetry, doors, furniture, pipe insulation wrap, cooling tower systems and drywall tape. Quality and dimensional stability allow the film to print easily and maintain its form and function in everyday use.

Pentadecor® Flooring Films

Pentadecor® Flooring Films deliver stunning print layers and durable wear layers for LVT flooring.

Pentadecor® Decorative Surface Films

We live colourful lives. Pentadecor® 2D and 3D decorative surface films provide limitless opportunities to add colour and texture to furniture, doors, and other surfaces.
Pentadecor® 2D films are ideal for flat laminations, bending around edges, profile wrapping and miter folding. Pentadecor® 3D films are heated and thermoformed around machined structures. They are designed for deep-routed geometry such as a door and curved elements/fronts.

Both 2D and 3D films are available in hundreds of colors and surfaces.