Our Mission

To be the leader in sustainable rigid and flexible packaging solutions, helping to deliver safety, protection and preservation for fresh and nutritious food, and high value pharmaceuticals and medical devices to meet the needs of people today and for tomorrow, while optimising the use of scarce resources.
Addressing the balance
  • Resources are declining at an unprecedented rate.
  • Consumption of resources is rising, exceeding supply.
  • Sustainability is about taking action to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of future generations.

Balancing all three interests for long term success

Positive Plastics Pledge
Our four-point plan for a future with less waste.

View: kp four-point plan

Our Focus

By taking a holistic approach, we design products for complete recyclability, using only the optimised amount of material and light-weighting through intelligent product solutions, while ensuring product protection and preservation. Sustainability is integrated into our innovation process. We will further increase our use of post-consumer recycled materials and reach up to 100% recyclate in our products wherever possible. We seek every opportunity to improve processes for maximum yield of raw material and to reduce energy and water usage.

Circular Economy of a Strawberry Plastic Punnet

Did you know that our strawberry punnets by our sister company INFIA are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET. Not only that but they can also be recycled again into other plastic packaging like more strawberry punnets, creating a closed loop process. Help us create a circular economy for plastics packaging by #recycling your strawberry punnets again and again.

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kp's Lifecycle

Designing for recyclability - to the maximum - closing the loop with rPET

We are leading the way with this most effective form of producing food contact recycled PET (rPET). Improving the recyclability of food trays through sustainable material design and technologies.

We use more than 140,000 tonnes of post-consumer recycled PET which is from water bottle flakes. This is the equivalent weight of 1,500 blue whales or 85,000 cars.

L.I.F.E. - Light Weighting for Excellence

Our programme for resource efficiency and maximising mechanical performance, delivering weight and carbon reductions through intelligent packaging solutions and innovations.

Featured Products

Rfresh® Elite
Made with up to 95% % post-consumer (PCR) recycled PET, Rfresh® Elite is a breakthrough innovation that not only delivers outstanding performances throughout the value chain, but also presents great sustainability credentials, with no need for a PE laminated layer, enabling a fully recyclable food tray.
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Pentalabel® ClearFloat™
Pentalabel® ClearFloat™
ClearFloat™ helps to meet social, economic and environmental sustainability goals, while enhancing visual appeal and maintaining production economies.
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Voluntary Commitments

EUPC Voluntary commitment

PDF Document with all information

WRAP Plastics Pact
Operation Clean Sweep
BPF Pledge
More information on this website


More information about our Sustainability commitment

Key Facts

How can we stop plastic entering the ocean? - BPF Poster DOWNLOAD PDF
Did you know? Expanded Polystyrene Packaging (EPS) DOWNLOAD PDF
kp Sustainability Policy Statement 2018 DOWNLOAD PDF
kp 4 point plan for a future with less waste DOWNLOAD PDF

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