We believe it is our obligation to drive sustainability practices and principles in the markets in which we participate. Klöckner Pentaplast is committed to producing film products that enhance quality of life, are protective of our earth’s resources and help customers achieve their sustainability goals.
In the annual EcoVadis rating, kp earned a top-tier Silver rating across the comprehensive CSR assessment.

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Sustainability Solutions
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Klöckner Pentaplast’s daily global business is entrenched in all components of sustainability – environmental protection, social responsibility and economic development.

Environmental Protection

We are doing our part to promote sustainable business practices and protect and improve the environment throughout our global operations.
  • Sourcing materials responsibly and applying the best available techniques and practices to minimize depletion of resources and optimize process efficiency
  • Employing responsible management practices to ensure emissions, wastewater, and volumes of waste material remain as low as possible
  • Using available life cycle data and other relevant studies to show how various alternative resins compare on key sustainability criteria
  • Educating the value chain on the myths and facts about sustainable packaging to enable our customers to make informed sustainable packaging choices
  • Reducing the layer thicknesses of our films where possible to minimize raw material usage and help our customers to reduce packaging volume
  • Instituting closed-loop systems with customers to take back their industrial waste for recycling into new film products
  • Implementing energy reduction projects to evaluate electricity reduction options
  • Investing in plastic recycling infrastructure to maximize use of recyclable materials
  • Partnering with Packaging 2.0 LLC to offer SmartCycle® films made with various guaranteed levels of post-consumer recycled plastic bottle content
  • Promoting post-consumer recycling through our bottle recycling operation that converts recycled beverage bottles into new film products
  • Installing auxiliary power units (APUs) on kp owned truck fleet to minimize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Optimizing logistics, load size, and location to minimize CO2 emissions

Social Responsibility

Safety, people development and giving back to the communities in which we operate are integral parts of our sustainability culture.

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for our employees
  • Driving down lost-time accidents and lost workdays through our safety program
  • Promoting employee volunteerism in our communities
  • Demonstrating integrity, respect, and trust in our relationships
  • Complying with International Labour Organization conventions and applicable country standards and laws  

Economic Development

In striving to be the number one film producer worldwide, we foster sustainable business practices that create value for our customers.

  • Innovating to meet market needs
  • Driving manufacturing excellence and continuously improving our operating efficiencies
  • Implementing cost-out initiatives
  • Offering a broad range of film products to meet our customers' sustainability requirements
  • Building strategic partnerships with our suppliers and customers to create integrated solutions

Sustainability is critical to our business. We are an active player in important sustainability forums and non-governmental organizations around the globe to help advance the discussion and awareness of sustainable packaging. Through these forums, we are able to share sustainability best practices with our peers.
  • Member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition
  • Member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) Sustainability Technical Committee
  • Member of European Plastics Converter Association (working group focused on how plastics contribute to a better and more sustainable future)
  • Support of VinylPlus2020 initiative (a voluntary commitment of the PVC industry to enhance sustainability)

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