b'Klckner PentaplastGiving trays new life,time and againWere on a mission to recover used food packaging so it can be turned back into more useful, protective and fully recyclable food packaging. Its why weve developed an initiative centred on creating a closed loop for trays and rigid filmskp Tray2Tray TM . The possibilities are endless. As demand for recycled PET increases, supplies of this valuable material are running low. Were looking for ways to encourage people to recycle more, and governments to develop the mechanisms, infrastructure and incentives to support this. Collaborating throughout our entire supply and value chainfrom consumers to recycling facilitieswere finding new ways to collect and process trays into valuable rPET flake which we can use to make more trays and rigid films. Our roadmap to success Weve set ourselves a target to reach 30%kp Tray2Tray TMin our trays and rigid filmsby 2022. To get there, weve launched fourEstablish a complete overarching goals: recycling stream with stakeholders, from designing for circularity to developing infrastructure to collect, sort and recycle.8'