b'#PPPyear2A second year has passed in which weve made a positive impact and exciting progress towards achieving our Pledge. Were pleased to share our efforts with you.Were proud of the developments, products and initiatives weve launched in year two of our Pledge, bringing us closer to a future with less waste.The unique benefits of plastic have been highlighted during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We have ensured our customers can continue distributing food and drink and, by adaptingsome of our manufacturing processes, we have produced plastic for PPE, allowing key workers across the globe to continue working while staying safe and healthy.We launched20%kp Infinity TM , afully recyclable, lightweightreduction in packagingbeverage label waste solution withat our site in Rural a low-carbonRetreat, USAfootprint for thefood-to-go and protein markets.p.15kp volunteers and their families in Brazil participated in a beach clean, removing 1,700 pieces of waste from a local beach.p.20Were driving an Localinitiative to boost the authoritiesrecyclability of food-to-go packaging and and wasteradically redesign management collection, sorting and recycling systems on rail services in the UK.p.20 3'