b'Always listening,always evolvingWere working to drive big changes, and that sustainability@kpfilms.com means bringing together ideas from everyone. Were always open to new suggestions and @Klockner Pentaplastcollaborations, and love to hear from anyone who can help us achieve our ambitions.kp.filmsIf you have an idea, please get in touch! @kpfilmsofficial kpGroup_A positive year for plasticsScott Tracey, CEO, Klckner PentaplastIt has been a challenging year for all of us globally, changing the way we live and work, at least temporarily. For us at kp, it has been a chance to demonstrate the key important benefits of plastics in preventing valuable food waste, in safely transporting and protecting medical supplies and in fulfilling our primary purposethe sustainable protection of everyday needs.The last 12 months of our Positive Plastics Pledge have seen us make real progress as a global leader of recycled content products and high-barrier protective packaging. We have innovated products and systems that truly bring about a circular economy, making it easier to reuse and recycle our products. Weve teamed up, and made more powerful partnerships in the industry, and as we enter our third year of the Pledge we look forward to even more success working with you to transform our world and yours. # PositivePlasticsPledge 20202407'