b'Klckner PentaplastLooking ahead to afuture with less wasteWhat we learned in year two Understanding the bigger picture Preventing plastics from entering theWere delighted to have wonenvironment is a crucial element of sustainableawards for our actions andplastics management, but its not the whole picture.innovations that contributeTo fully understand the sustainability factors that have an impact on the plastics industry, our value chain to our Positive Plasticsand all our stakeholders, we conduct PESTLE analysis. Pledge. They confirm thatThis means looking at the following factors to develop were on the right track, buta robust, comprehensive strategy and approach to were not stopping there.sustainable plastic packaging.Were learning all the time,Political trialling new materials,e.g. the EUs Single-Use Plastics Directivemethods to collect andEconomic recycle packaging, and wayse.g. financial recycling initiativesto get everyone involved. Social e.g. consumer, non-governmental organisation and media driversTechnological e.g. recycling plantsLegale.g. taxes and fees Environmentale.g. sustainable materialsGetting youngpeople involvedWe continue to target schools and university students with education on plastics because we know that engaging the younger generation is key to achieving our Pledge.26'