b'Klckner PentaplastACTIVATEWorldchanging We want big changes! Thats why were engaging with all stakeholdersOur Activate goal and building the end markets foris to drive change at scale recycled materials for use in products.to transform collection and To make sure theres a constant andrecycling globally.reliable supply of recycled materials, and to prevent plastics from leakingMore legislation is being passed to into the environment, we lobby fordrive a circular economy, and we are improved collecting, sorting anddeeply involved in the lobbying of these recycling infrastructure. to reflect our expertise in recycling, sustainability and material selection for Working together we can drivefood and product protectionwithout transformational change, creating creating unintended consequences that a better, more circular future for may increase negative environmental plastic and our planet. and social impacts. Were participating in consultations related to the EUs Single-Use Plastics Directive, the development of national plastic taxes, extended producer responsibility schemes and deposit-return schemes.We continue to lobby, both regionally and nationally, for further investments in improved recycling infrastructure. Were also creating end markets, and innovating packaging and products that remain fit for purpose as we take into consideration the wider social and environmental impacts.22'