b'#PPPyear2Recycling messaging Students formade clear sustainable plasticWere on a mission to make recycling easierWe invite interns from the University of Virginia for everyone. Providing simple on-packto our kp i.center in Gordonsville, USA, to support messaging, were making it clear which packsour research and development. The students bring are made from recycled content and can befresh ideas and perspectives to our sustainability recycled again. We continually advocate theprojects, including increasing post-consumer benefits of packaging and recycling to stoprecycled content in our products, creating more plastic waste ending up in landfill or as litter. sustainable materials and reducing waste.To close the loop on packaging, we need toOur partnership with the university also extends ensure plastic is disposed of correctly. Plasticinto teaching. We deliver lectures on polymer is a valuable resource and the people whoprocessing, incorporating the importance of use packaging are key to making sure it issustainability in this operation.recycled and reused.For example, when we launched our new kp InfinityTM packaging, we embossed eachSupporting the UN SDGs pack with a prominent Recycle me logo. We also moulded it into the bottom of ourWere engaging young people in our clear plastic trays in several languagesoncePledge, encouraging them to come the pack is empty, the recycle message is anup with creative solutions to packaging obvious call to action. problems to protect life below water and on land. By hosting interns in our Weve added clear Recycle mefacilities, we can harness their ideas messages to our kp Infinity TM for innovative solutions that support and clear trays as a call toclimate action. Most importantly, action for consumers through our Educate pillar we are partnering with many key stakeholders to promote the value of plastic waste.Find out more about the SDGs at sdgs.un.org. 21'