b'#PPPyear2The packaging specialistsof our futureWe are proud, long-standing sponsors of the Starpack Student and Schools Awards, whichinspire the next generation to learn about the benefits of designing and creating sustainable, practical packaging. This years competition brief for college and university students focused on packaging to reduce consumer food waste, while the brief for schools was for food-to-go packaging that promotes healthy eating in children.Introducing children tothe power of plasticsAs part of our commitment to educate on the benefits of plastic, we visit schools, present our Positive Plastics Pledge and discuss how everyone can help by reusing and recycling plastic. For example, in the Netherlands, we visited a primary school to teach children about the importance of waste separation 31 and sustainable packaging. Were producing a short educational video for schools globally, illustrating the social and environmental value of plastics in everydaylife. Aimed at children aged 10 and below, itshows why plastic is the smart material choiceStarpack Award for many everyday items, and how recyclingentries, 17 awarded makes a difference.for their excellent work 19'