b'Klckner PentaplastEDUCATESharing thevalue of plastics Plastics are versatile and unique in ways that no other materials are Our Educate goal theyre hygienic, safe, flexible, light,is to engage with people, tough and have superior barriersharing the value of plastic properties to preserve and protectwaste and recycling.perishable products. We want to encourage everyone to understandPlastic products offer a range of and appreciate the benefits of plasticvaluable benefits, including recyclability. both during use and afterwards. Concerns with the management of plastics only arise where theres a lack Were reaching out to communitiesof recycling infrastructure, education and consumers through on-packand engagement. Over the first two messaging, campaigns, educationalyears of our Pledge, weve ramped up videos for schools, and projects toour campaigns through a variety of show people the value of plasticchannels, including social media, sharing and recycling to turn used packaginginformation about the value of plastic back into more of the same. and the importance of recycling.Were committed to continually adding clear, on-pack instructions for consumers on how to recycle our products.18'