b'Klckner PentaplastACCELERATEkp Kapture TM closing the loop on coloured PETkp KaptureTM is a new range of black and coloured trays and rigid films made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET. They are produced using a carbon-free pigment that is detectable by recycling and sorting technology so they can be turned back into protective packaging again and again, keeping food fresh and safe every time.Currently, in the UK alone, approximately 12,000 tonnes of plastic packaging containing carbon black pigment arent detected by near-infrared sensors in the recycling stream and therefore are not identified as recyclable. kp KaptureTM is changing that, closing the loop and giving retailers a sustainable option to showcase their products in the high-quality black and coloured packaging associated with premium food product ranges.RECOUP assisted kp with successful trials to independently demonstrate the detectability of kp Kapture TMcoloured trays using existing sorting technology in UK facilities. This ensures the items in the kp Kapture TMproduct range can be sorted effectively and prepared for onward recycling.Stuart Foster, RECOUP CEORecyclable on-the-go sushi range Sushi Gourmet is showcasing its products for the first time in kps recyclable Sushi and Aspect packaging at over 85 UK supermarkets. By switching from polystyrene to alternatives made from up to 100% post-consumer rPET, Sushi Gourmet is closing the loop on their packaging, opting for a solution that combines quality with sustainability. We have a huge responsibility to ensure that we protect the planet for future generations. We have gone to great lengths to procure sustainable fish and are delighted that Klckner Pentaplast via Tristar have now secured a solution for sustainable packaging. We are first to market in this field, and can proudly herald a message of happy fish and happy packaging.Michael Lee Kien Vong, Hana Group UK, Commercial Director16'